Thursday, December 04, 2008

Season's Greetings

Day 4
The winner of the 25th annual Pak Family Christmas card contest is, Laura C. from the U. Her lovely greeting was the first to arrive in ye aulde mail box. Thank you Laura. It's beautiful, though suspiciously unhandcrafted. Which makes me pause. Were you or were you not the hostESS of the Muse card making extravaganza? Well, perhaps I dreamt that part. In any case, I love it and thank you.

In other news of Dec. 4th. My son-in-law, David, is homeward bound. Early, no less. He's been cooling his heels in Germany after serving in Afghanistan since July. Katie is dilated and ready for him to be home. He should arrive around 2pm Pacific time. Welcome Home, Sailor, we missed you.


pammc said...

I wondered about the hostESS of the cardmaking when I opened my card from said cardmaking diva, too.

Laura said...

My 1st thought was, she picked out the same cards as me!!!! LOL I'm hardly ever 1st at anything, so I'm glad I made it in a timely fashion and not late.

And about the hostessing as I say, not as I do? :-P

My mom, dad and grandparents are getting the handmade cards this year...the rest, got this bright and cheery christmas tree.

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