Friday, September 11, 2009

Goodbye Summer

September. Actually September 11. 8 years since the attacks in NYC and WA DC. 8 years. Seems like yesterday. We were watching Disney channel. Alex was 4. Mom called and said turn on the news. And there I sat, in stunned disbelief watching the tape loop over and over again. Watching the second tower fall, then watching it all again and again and again. Alex said "why does that building keep falling down?" Time to turn it off and try to sort out all the emotions that were swirling around in my head. What the hell was happening? What next? Where? When? Katie, Sarah, Allison and Brittney were all at school. As far as I knew they were safe. Then the Pentagon, then the plane crash in Pennsylvania. It was all too much. It was all too scary. Then days passed and slowly and with time, life returned to some sort of normal. Now here we are 8 years later.

We've had a fairly good summer, all considered. Alex did break his collar bone right after school got out then he ran into a bar and cut his forehead requiring 13 stitches. But that was the extent of the drama for the summer. Not perfect, but not horrible either. Thom consented to TWO mini vacations. One weekend at the cabin and the other a weekend in Yellowstone. We camped in Mom and Dad's new 5th wheel and had a wonderful time. Allison, Sarah, Alex and I took a 15 mile bike ride on the Hiawatha trail and had a BLAST. Allison and I took a hike to Morrell Falls. 5 miles round trip. We've hosted Pug club nearly every Sunday this summer and count 13 pugs as members. So fun to see them all running around playing and having a great time. I've also enjoyed getting to know their owners. We hosted the 3rd annual neighborhood ice cream social and had some new neighbors to meet. Nice to catch up with everyone and have a laugh or two. So, all in all, a good summer. School is back in session, and the routine is in place. I miss the carefree days of summer but do like a nice routine.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chloe and Buddha

This is tiny Miss Chloe and huge Buddha on the deck, sunbathing.
We often find them like this. Sitting close together or lying on the deck chair right beside each other. It's so cute. We always thought Chloe was too big, and then we met Buddha.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where does the time go?

How can it be that my last post was in MARCH? It's now May.

We've been on several bike rides with Chloe in the basket. She does better and better each time. We're going to the dog park today for the second official PUG CLUB meetup. She'll ride along and make her royal entrance.

We've acquired a new pug. He came to us with the name King but is now Buddha. He is the most gigantic pug we've ever seen. He must be 40 pounds. He'll come to the pug club by car. No one is daft enough to try to cram him into a basket.

Spring has finally arrived. Just in time for summer. The weather this weekend is perfectly gorgeous and we had a light show and bit of rain last night. Couldn't ask for more.

Not much more news than that. Life is pretty simple and that's the way I like it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Visit with the babies

They are here at last. They'll be here for about 10 days. The living room is cluttered with toys and diaper bags. We've had a sleep over already and have two more planned. There is a belated 2nd birthday party on Saturday and the great grandparents are coming. The rest of the relatives live here in town and all will be together for Dora the Explorer cake and ice cream. We cram a lot of fun into a small space of time. But we are so lucky to be able to get together several times a year for a visit. More pics and fun to follow. It's busy here and I have to do things in snatches for now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Years and Grandma Nell's Birthday

Wow, 25 years. One Quarter of a century. How does that happen? We've had so many different chapters in our married life. Lived in so many different places and met so many people along the way. We don't really talk in sentences anymore. A word or phrase and the messege is delivered and received. I think that right now we're spending too much time together. Everything is just a little annoying. A little too much. But all in all, its still good.
No big plans to commemorate this momentous marital event. No time for that. Maybe we'll go out to dinner on Sunday. Maybe we'll put on our pajamas at 7:30 and drink wine and watch TV. Don't know. It really doesn't matter. We've never really been big for the parties.
We got married on Grandma Nell's birthday. There was a scheduling glitch with the JP who married us and we had to push it back one day. But it was a good day, all the same.

Grandma would be 97 today. She passed in 2000. That also seems like it was just yesterday. I can still hear her voice. I can still smell the glade air freshener in her house. She's as alive to me today as she was the last time I sat and visited with her.

This is a rare photo of Grandma just relaxed and smiling. She usually would make some silly face at the camera and then gripe that she never took a good picture. I loved to snap shots of her when she wasn't aware I was doing it. I remember one time following her around with a video camera and she'd ask "is that thing on" to which I'd innocently say "NO".

I miss her. Everyday. Happy Birthday Nellie.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cutie Patooties

Just got new photos of the peanuts and had to share.
Ricky is getting so big and he's facial expressions have changed from just a couple of weeks ago.
Dani is too busy for her own good and bunged up her hand in a fall. But she'll be fine and life goes on. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Snuggly, huggly babies

This is as good as it gets. We had a safe trip there and back and I got to snuggle these two til they wouldn't let me snuggle them any more. There is no store bought gift that can replace this time together. Seeing them, hearing them, squeezing them and even clean up after them. This was a most Merry Post Christmas. Dani is a chunk. She's as solid as a rock and busier than the busiest bee. She loves to sit on your lap at the computer and look at photos of herself. She likes to push her baby doll around in the stroller or carry her by the leg. Note to self: work on those parenting skills. She doesn't always like to take a nap or go to bed and will amuse herself in her room for "hours" before finally falling asleep. She loves to hold her baby brother but will suddenly push him away when she's done. She's feisty and funny and a joy to behold.
Richard is just perfectly perfect. He sleeps and eats and is so relaxed and calm. He looks around with a quizzical expression but rarely cries or fusses. He's gaining and growing and doing everything he's supposed to be doing at the ripe old age of two weeks. I could just hold him for hours and hours.
I miss them already but they are planning to come out the end of Feb., so I'll hold that thought. In the mean time I need to finish Dani's second year book and start on Ricky's first. I think of the several hundred photos I took, I should find a "few" to work with.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Road Report

Normally a caption stating where and when would be in order. Not so on this trip. This was the view most of the way there and back. The only difference would be that sometimes it was pitch dark.
So very glad to be home.

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