Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Day 3
The real miracle of Christmas is that I was able to wrangle this wreath out of the Black Hole that is our garage. Holy Moley & *&^%$#@. But, its out and its up and I'm moving along...

Nativity scenes

I didn't realize I was collecting nativity scenes until I had a collection started. Each year I'd get one as a gift and I'd just add it to the others. Now I have several and they all live on the china hutch during the holiday season. I really would love to get a nice big elegant one like Laura has. Maybe someday.

It's Dec. 3 and there is no snow. There has been no snow all along. This isn't normal or right. The first snowfall puts me right into the holiday spirit. I'm waiting, and hoping. Not that I look forward to shoveling it, but it's sorta necessary to the whole Christmas vibe.


Laura said...

Holy Cowabunga! I have the same wooden set that you have, except *sigh* I've lost baby Jesus. Now, picture if you will, a Nativity without the babe. Mary. Check. Joseph, check too. Sheep, cows, and a trio of Wisemen. Check, Check, and Check again. Alas Baby Jesus is gone.

Wait, I just had a thought. Maybe Mary's still with child. Yeah, that's it. It's pre-labor and delivery. Still in the panting stage. In the squeezing Joe's hand til the bones crush and yelling out ...well that would be sacriligous and I doubt she went there. But maybe I'll dig that Nativity out and set it round, and call it the B.C. version.

madelineas said...

I love nativitys too Jennie. My mom used to have huge one that I would love to get my hands on one of these days

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