Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Call of The Wild

Day 9

Nothing good can happen when you bring a tree into a house with animals.
That darn cat is determined to find a way up that tree. The beauty of this fir is that the branches are so close together, he just can't find a clear path. And yet he tries.
I took this funky shot early this morning with my nighttime setting on. I'm trying to capture that glowy look that I see in so many gorgeous photos. However, I am only able to achieve the look of rush hour on the I-5 in L.A. And the red glowing eyes are something else I'd like to be able to fix. I saw somewhere an "pet red eye" feature. But I can not, for the life of me, remember where. So Colby looks like a demon cat on the I-5 at rush hour.
Chloe is just her usual pitful self. She tip toes around the tree, sniffing and snorting and generally looking alarmed.

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pammc said...

Animals just don't like any changes in their environments. I'll be the tree has some interesting smells for doggie noses.

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