Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Goodies

Day 10

Had a nice surprise visit from an old friend today. He and his wife used to live here but they moved to Spokane several years ago and we only see them occasionally. He's with Best Buy and he sometimes comes this way on work. When he and his wife come together we all go hang out at the winery of another friend. How much fun is it to have full run of the tasting room?
Well he popped in today with his work crew and delivered baked goodies from his wife. Oh, I miss them so much. It was nice to sit and chat and catch up. We might pop in on them as we pass through on our way to Katie's after the holiday. That will be fun. Short, but fun. It always is. So I've eaten way too much fudge today. Thanks a lot Vicky. Not nice to send your fluffy friend chocolate. And the pumpkin bread is delightful. Why do I feel like there will be a recipe request coming from the Muse girls?

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pammc said...

Yep, the muse girls will want the recipe.

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