Monday, December 01, 2008

December Daily

There's a project called December Daily at Ali Edwards Blog
The idea is to journal daily leading up to Christmas. Since I can barely bring myself to journal monthly, right now, I wonder if this is just a recipe for failure. But I'll give it the old college try. However, the fact that I didn't actually finish college does not bode well for this venture. Just saying....

Day 1

Monday. Oh, see we're already not looking too good. Ok, Monday Dec. 1st. Back to our regular routine after a very nice long break from work (for me) and school for everyone else. I put away the fall decorations and found the advent calendar and wreath on Sunday. That's a good thing. I pulled out the Christmas decoration boxes and stacked them neatly in one area. However, I didn't go any further than that. We can't have all the fun at once, now, can we? So, I've been knitting like a fool since the Olympics and have many scarves ready to gift. I've also been making rag quilts and have two done, two ready to sew and one ready to cut. A gift for Mom and Dad is bought and ready to ship. Things are actually looking good. A massive card making day over at the U has me all set to send greetings early, or at all, this year. So, day one is done. On to day two. What fun and joy will it present? We'll have to wait and see.

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pammc said...

Good start, Jennie. I'm trying to do the same on my blog. come visit if you have a chance.

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