Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flip Card

The finished Project

Cut a strip of cardstock 11”x2” ”
Score at the 2”mark
Score again at 3”, 4”, and 5” mark

Cut four pieces of cardstock 2”x2

Fold the strip at the 5" mark. One end will extend past the other.

1)Adhere one 2x2 square to the short end lining it up to the score line at the 2” mark

2) Adhere a second 2x2 square to the cardstock strip, lining it up with the score line at the 3”mark making sure to only put adhesive on the left half of the square. The right half should lift freely.
The squares will overlap.

3}Adhere the third square as in step two

4) Adhere the last square, cover the entire square with adhesive

Cut a piece of cardstock for the background the same length and about 2 inches taller than the flip element.

Cut a strip the height of the background
and about ¾” wide. Adhere this strip
to the background at the top and bottom
Only. Leave the middle free of adhesive.

Slide the flip element under the ¾” strip. Do not adhere. This piece will pull out.

Fold the flip element in half and adhere the end with the first square to the strip.

Gently pull the free end of the flip element.
The squares will begin to flip up and back
the revealing the square under each one.

Push back the close

That's One Way To Do It