Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Day 7

Went to the Lion's Club Christmas tree sale today. It's at the fairground in the Llama building. I'm telling you, it smells a lot better in there today than the last time I visited, on a hot summer's day during the fair. Full of llamas and their "gifts". I love the little old guys that run this booth. They have the trees all neatly separated according to size and variety. The first guy greeted us and said "would you like help or will you spend more money on your own?" Then as soon as I picked out my tree I had a nice young man ready to heft it up to the check out stand for me. Next was a sweet old guy with a chain saw to cut off the end. When I asked if it would be a horrible trouble for him to cut off the bottom row of branches, he said "yes it would." I asked if he do it anyway and he said "of course" with a wink and twinkle of the eye. Two more strong, young things got it up on top of the van and straped it down nice and tight and we were off. It's currently on the front porch having a drink of water, while I prepare to move a piece of furnature or two. Then the lights will go on and the kids will start to decorate. We used to have a real tree decorating event, but now I just leave the tub of decorations out and they slowly add one or two a day until it's done. We are just never all in the same place at the same time anymore. So, we adapt.
It might be a day or two before I can post a pic. But I will when I have a completed tree.


madelineas said...

I see nothing wrong with your tree trimming party, it is just a longer one than usual

pammc said...

what a great story, Jennie. Too bad there aren't more places like that who are interested in good service. And the tree will be lovely no matter what the decorating schedule will be.

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