Tuesday, June 26, 2007

IRL (In Real Life)

For those who don't know; this is Laura, who I know from a very special board. Not long ago, Laura asked if she could come and visit me. Absolutely and without question; YES. Its a long drive. Over 10 hours, but she did it. We had the best time. We chatted like we'd always been together. We toured some interesting local attractions and scrapped a bit and just talked ourselves silly. My "by-the-rules" kid wasn't too sure about inviting an internet aquaintance to our house. She teased us pretty good about it. Afterall, we tell our kids not to talk to strangers online and don't give out too much personal info and all that. But Laura and I have been on the same board for so long that we just "knew" each other. She did tell the kids that she left the axe in the car. LOL This was such a fun time. Now we're talking about getting more of us together next summer for a weekend on the west coast. I can hardly stand to wait that long. I wonder if the others will bring their axes.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Digi Learning Curve

I just downloaded Jessica Sprague's free digital kit Strawberry Lemonade , then I received this photo of Dani at 4 months. They seemed made for each other. She's on an outing to the park with her mom and a play date. She just looks so rosy and pink in the photo. I played around with making my own corner rounder. The ones I wanted to download aren't compatible with my version of PS7, so I fiddled around and made my own. It's OK, but not perfect. I can't apply drop shadow to those areas because the little white corner shows up. But its OK for now, until I figure out a better way. I also learned to manipulate text and added it to the flowers in the pattern paper and also the flower sticker. This layout was certainly a learning experience for me today. The true test will be when I print it out.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Road Trips

We went to see Sarah on Sunday. We'd wanted to go to the Museum of the Rockies for quite some time and this was the time. Sarah is starting her second week with Shakespeare in the Parks and was running low on food. We had some stuff packed up to send to her and then decided that we should just deliver it personally. It was a good day in the end. There was a major bump before we even got out the door but that was all settled and we were able to proceed on our way.

So the museum is pretty cool. Lots of dinosaur and native american stuff to see but this summer they also have the King Tut exhibit and some orignal Picasos on display. We thoroughly enjoyed every inch of the museum and the Living History Farm next to it. This big guy out front is "Big Mike". Pretty impressive huh? More photos and details later.

That's One Way To Do It