Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Years and Grandma Nell's Birthday

Wow, 25 years. One Quarter of a century. How does that happen? We've had so many different chapters in our married life. Lived in so many different places and met so many people along the way. We don't really talk in sentences anymore. A word or phrase and the messege is delivered and received. I think that right now we're spending too much time together. Everything is just a little annoying. A little too much. But all in all, its still good.
No big plans to commemorate this momentous marital event. No time for that. Maybe we'll go out to dinner on Sunday. Maybe we'll put on our pajamas at 7:30 and drink wine and watch TV. Don't know. It really doesn't matter. We've never really been big for the parties.
We got married on Grandma Nell's birthday. There was a scheduling glitch with the JP who married us and we had to push it back one day. But it was a good day, all the same.

Grandma would be 97 today. She passed in 2000. That also seems like it was just yesterday. I can still hear her voice. I can still smell the glade air freshener in her house. She's as alive to me today as she was the last time I sat and visited with her.

This is a rare photo of Grandma just relaxed and smiling. She usually would make some silly face at the camera and then gripe that she never took a good picture. I loved to snap shots of her when she wasn't aware I was doing it. I remember one time following her around with a video camera and she'd ask "is that thing on" to which I'd innocently say "NO".

I miss her. Everyday. Happy Birthday Nellie.

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