Sunday, December 14, 2008


Pam's post about peeking sent me back in time. When I was in junior high, we moved to Lewistown. Mom and Dad bought a house that was well over 100 years old. The closets are all big, walk-in affairs. In Mom and Dad's closet there is a tiny door in the wall that leads to a little crawl space. Imagine how cool it was to find that little hidden space. Mom thought she was so clever to hide our Christmas gifts in there. We would sneak in and with only the light from the closet to work by, we'd carefully pull back the wrapping on one side to see what was in the package. I would always be dissapointed that I knew what some of my gifts were going to be. But I couldn't help myself from looking. She did catch onto us in time and would put our gifts in odd boxes. No child wants to think that their getting a vacuum for Christmas. I don't peek anymore. In fact I save my gifts to the very last. I guess that means I've grown up, finally.


madelineas said...

Love those little spaces to hide stuff Jennie. What a great memory.
I hope you are going to print these all out too and bind them into a book

pammc said...

funny how we just can't wait when we're young and we savor the anticipation as we mature. Great story, Jennie.

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