Saturday, October 28, 2006

Digi Dare #9

THEME: This dare challenges us to face & embrace our bodies. More specifically, our oh so lovely breasts.

10 points for scrapping within the theme.
10 points for journaling within the theme.
5 points for a using a photo where cleavage is present.
5 points for using pink on your page.

WOW, not a subject that I would ever think to do on my own. Totally outside my comfort zone. But here it is, for what it's worth.

Journaling read:

They have faithfully fed five hungry babies.
But now, in their middle age, they are rebelling;
heading south to the border. Just like Thelma and Louise.

Kit used is Digi Chicks Love Better Than Chocolate

10 points for scrapping within the theme.
10 points for journaling within the theme.
5 points for a using a photo where cleavage is present. (there is so cleavage present. You just can't see it)
5 points for using pink on your page.

total points = 30

Total points for October = 145

Monday, October 23, 2006

Digi Dare #8

THEME: This week is all about an amazing gift we call friendship. Think about that person (or even pet) that you couldn't live without. It could even be someone else's relationship that you admire. Maybe one of your children's relationships. Whatever is may be, think about the strong bonds that surround you.

CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Have your main photo in the shape of a circle, and use a quote that best fits the theme of your layout.

15 Points for scrapping within the theme
10 Points for using a circle photo
5 Points for using a friendship quote

These are my cropping cronies. We have so much fun together. We just returned from a weekend at the lake. I can call on these women for anything. One of them went dumpster diving with me to retrieve my daughter's retainer after she threw it away at lunchtime at school. One has taught me the essence of faith and courage as she helped her husband through an organ transplant. One is a single mom raising an adopted daughter. She is the most generous person I know. One is a teacher to special needs kids. She has taught me patience when I thought I had none left. We laugh, we cry, we play and scrap. We are true friends; life friends.

Poem reads:

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble
My mojos lost and I'm a big old puddle
Sisters of scrapping, join in my plea
find the muse who has abandoned me
Gather thy tools of scrapping fame
cutters, scissors, whatever their name
Bring back the joy, return the glee
Send my mojo back to me.

Kit used is Shabby Princess Holiday Sampler Halloween Piece of Cake
Poem written by Jennie Pak

Dare #8 Points
15 Points for scrapping within the theme
10 Points for using a circle photo5 Points for using a friendship quote
total = 25 points

Friday, October 13, 2006

Digi Dare #7

Dare #7
Create a layout depicting your favorite thing about where you live. Be it your bedroom, your house, your town, your country, your planet, whatever you choose.

Journaling reads:

My Room With a View
This is the view from my livingroom. Actually every room in the back of my house shares this view. I can see 180 degrees of mountains. I’m a mountain girl at heart and thisview could not be more perfect for me. I never tire of looking out the window. The scenery changes from minute to minute.I love watching a storm roll in or the fabulous sunsets. I love sitting on the couch in the morning and seeing the day begin. I can’t imagine how I ever lived without such a gorgeous view in the past. I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

Kit used is Shabby Princess Moody Blues
Wood frame is from Digital Freebies Classical Guitar
Font is Mom's Typewriter

15 points for using a photo that represents where you live
5 points for using a grungy font on your layout
5 points for using a flower on your page
5 points for journaling about why you love where you live.

Dare #7 Total points = 30

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Digi Dare #6

Digi Dare #6 THEME: We all have those moments... the moments where something just clicks and all of a sudden your eyes are wide open. The dare this week is to scrap one of those moments. Maybe it was the second you fell in love, or the time you looked into your newborns eyes, or heck, the second you realized you were a kick-butt digi scrapper! Whatever your moment is, please share it with us.

CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Include a photo either from your moment or that represents your moment as well as the word "moment" somewhere on your page.


15 Points for scrapping your perfect moment
10 points if you include a photo either from your moment or that represents your moment.
5 points for using the word moment in your title or journaling.

Kit used is DigiChicks lynnridge

Journaling reads:

My AHA Moment: I grew up in the land of “MaybeLater”. We would vacation on the isle of “We’llSee”. As I child I didn’t know that there was any other way. A request was answered with either maybe later or we’ll see. I don’t recall ever hearing “OK, let’s do it.” When I got older I began to realize how frustrating maybe later and we’ll see were to hear. I hated asking for something because I knew what the answer would be. I vowed that as a parent I would not use those two phrases in such a knee jerk way. But, like all of us, I could see shadows of my parents in my own parenting style. Now and then one of the dreaded two would pass my lips. My Aha Moment came at the tender age of 32. Can you spell l-a-t-e b-l-o-o-m-e-r? I was barely pregnant with my 5th child. I wanted to take a trip to see my parents over spring break. My husband couldn’t get time off to join us. The 16 hour drive was slightly daunting to me with four children and my present condition. But I really wanted to go. I casually mentioned the trip to my friend Ruth. She said that she and her daughter would love to come with us, if we’d have them. I stopped dead in my tracks. Wait….you can just do that? You can decide to do something and just DO IT? This was all so new and strange to me. I called my mom to tell her that we were planning to come. She said something like “That’s a nice idea. Let me know if it works out.” I assured her that we were coming. She continued with “if you’re able.” We went back and forth. She couldn’t wrap her brain around the fact that I was really going to do it. At that moment I realized that my life is in my hands. I can choose to do something or not. But I can choose. I don’t have to wait for permission. I can just reach out and grab it. This lesson has been instrumental in starting my own biannual scrapbook camp and helping my husband open our own business; two things I would have never considered possible before.

Dare #6 points:
total = 30

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dare #5

Theme: This week we are going to challenge you with "A day in the Life of..." Scrap a day in the life of you, your child, your pet, family, whatever you want!

Creative Challenge: the creative challenge of using a calendar or planner page on your layout.

15 points for the creative challenge of using a calendar or planner page on your layout.
10 points for the theme
5 points for including a photo that shows something from your day (can be one picture or multiple pictures

Here's my week 5 entry for the Digi Dares. A day in the life of my hands. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning until just before I shut them at night, my hands are busy. I wake early to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, check email and read the paper. Then its right to work on the business accounts, deposits and whatnot. Then off to the restaurant to serve meals and wash dishes. Home again and more cleaning, cooking and household chores. Then driving kids to and fro. My hands never stop until I go to bed at night.

Kit used is Two Pea's Cottage Bluff

15 points for the creative challenge
10 points for the theme
5 points for including a photo

Total week 5 = 30

Monday, September 25, 2006

Digi Dare #4

THEME: This week we are going to challenge you with "negatives and positives". We all have things in our lives that we aren't necessarily happy with...whether it be something about yourself or about your life. So I challenge you to find your "negative" and then turn it into a "positive" in a layout.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: Include honest journaling about why this item/thing/trait is generally viewed as negative and how you turned it into a positive.

POINTS:15 points for the "negative & positive" theme.10 points for the journaling challenge.5 points for including photos which represent your negative/positive.

When we first moved to Missoula, I referred to this hill as the Hill From Hell. It tormented me daily.We lived at the top and at that time the only way up or down, for me, was by car. I could no sooner walk up that hill then run a marathon. I was so out of shape and heavy then. When my son was 3, he started preschool, at the bottom of that blasted hill. I drove him every day. One day, I’d just had enough. I decided to walk with him to school. I figured that once I got down the hill, I’d have no choice but to come back up again. We made it down just fine. Then I headed back up. Right away, my lungs were burning, my legs were quivering and my heart was pounding. It took me a long time to get home that day. When I finally made it, I had to lie down until my heartrate returned to normal. It was just fit to burst right out of my chest.
That day, the Hill from Hell, kicked my butt. I didn’t give in. I kept on walking. EVERYDAY.
Now, I kick that hill’s butt EVERYTIME!!

Dare #4 points: Neg/Pos challenge = 15
Journaling = 10
Photos = 5
Total points = 30

Monday, September 18, 2006

Digi Dare #3

Another Dare from the Digi Dares.

THEME CHALLENGE: It's back to school time, so let's get literary. Somewhere on your page use either a photograph that contains a book as part of the focal point, or a book graphic (from a kit, or a brush, or whatever). If you do, you'll receive 15 points.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: In that same vein, use a quote or title from a favorite book on your layout. Meeting this dare nets you yet another 15 points.

This layout will go in my Book Of Me....when I actually do my BOM. I've been contemplating memories and stories and stashing photos away. Someday I'll get that book started, at least. Anyway, this little golden book was my all time favorite children's book. In fact it was also my sister's favorite book. Mom found it in the black hole that is her basement and sent it to me quite some time ago. I remember reading this book and wanting to be just like the little girl in the story. I also wanted to grow up and be the kind of mommy she was to her babies. I did grow up to be a mommy to 5 wonderful kids. Dreams do come true.
Kit used is Shabby Princess' Shabby Mommy
Points for week 3
theme challenge = 15
creative challenge = 15
total = 30

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Digi Dare #2

Answering the call to create a layout based on these two criteria:

THEME: This weeks theme is "How you touched my life". The idea for this dare is to create a page to remember a relationship that you have or had with someone who touched or changed your life in some way.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: The creative challenge is to use song lyrics in the title or in your journaling somewhere.

This lay out focuses on my grandmother and the effect she had on my life. The song lyrics are from a Faith Hill song called "There You'll Be". The song was played on the radio for the first time shortly after my grandmother passed away. I had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn't see to drive, for all the tears. The song touched me so deeply. My grandmother loved me unconditionally. I can not remember her ever being angry with me or speaking harshly to me; not in my whole life. Anything I did was the most wonderful thing to her. I could have robbed the US mint and she would have bragged at how well I did it. Every child should have one person in their life who makes them feel like they can do no wrong. She was that person to me. She was not perfect, by any stretch, but she always made me feel so special and those feelings will stay with me forever.

Digital kit used is Digi Chick Lynnridge

15 points for using the theme as it's lined out.
15 points for the creative challenge
Total points for Challenge 2 = 30

Friday, September 08, 2006

Digi Dares

I opened my private messages this morning and found one from Anne Marie. "Have your seen this site?" she wrote.
"I saw it and immediately thought of you." wrote Anne Marie. Well, after I stopped laughing, (come on, that someone would immediately think of me in relation to just about anything makes me laugh) I opened the link and then I jumped in feet first. I didn't dare look at any of the other lay outs, cuz if I had, I would have crawled under my bed and never come out. So the first dare is to create a layout with a summer theme, using a sun motif in some way and incorporating the word FIRST into the title or journaling. I used SOTB kit Sunshinny Day and the Australian Sunrise font. Am I literal or what? I have to say that the timing is perfect because Laura's challenges are over for the summer. I was starting to have withdrawal. This will keep me busy for a while. Here's my layout.

There are 15 points available for a “summer” theme
A further 15 points available for using a sun shape
And as it’s our first ever challenge there are 10 bonus points available for including the word “first” in your journaling or title!

total points for Challenge #1 = 40

I might finally have the power hooked up

I created this tidy little spot quite awhile ago. Then I abandoned it. I just couldn't wrap my brain around leaving my old blog behind with all its content. I confess, I'm poweless to figure out how to transfer all that data to a new place. Maybe I just hate moving so much that I can't even think about moving text from one site to another. Anyway, I decided to use this place to showcase some of my lay outs. Its much easier to load them here and that's a bonus. So this will be my gallery of sorts. Enjoy.

Monday, April 17, 2006

A whole new world

Just a little shot of a star fish from our snorkling adventures. I think if I take up the sport seriously, I need to get my eyeglass perscription in the mask. If something was pretty close I could see fine, but the stuff in deeper water was pretty blurry to me. Still a wonderful time

Test Run

I don't know if I'll stay or not. Just sticking my toes in and testing the water.

That's One Way To Do It