Monday, December 01, 2014

Am I, now, an annual blogger?

It's December 1st and I haven't written a thing since last Christmas. I'm wondering if my blogging days are done. We are all still plugging along. Katie, David and kids are doing well. Kids are attending Chief Charlo, David's at the UM and Katie is working full time.

Sarah is still in VA. We visited her in July and it was wonderful. She's dating Edd from the UK and they are wonderful. They are coming home for Christmas and I can not wait for them to get here.

Allison is still at Rhithron and living in her little apartment and doing very well. Her health is fairly good with intermittent flairups.

Brittney had some employment hits but took it in stride and is now the scheduling supervisor at Home Instead. Full time and salaried. She's a big girl now. She and Marcus are still in their crazy apartment downtown but are looking for something bigger. Brittney inherited 5 chickens from a previous tenant and is over the moon for them.

Thom continues at River Wok and I at Home Instead. Winky's a nut. All is as well as can be expected and we miss Alex every minute of every day.

That's One Way To Do It