Monday, December 08, 2008

It's still standing

Day 8
This morning I woke up and walked out to the livingroom, passing the tree on the way. I almost fell over as I caught sight of it out of the corner of my eye. You know that sensation you get when the car next to you in traffic starts to move slowly, but you actually think that its your car moving? Well, as I passed the tree I got the sensation of tipping over, only it was the tree that was leaning to the North East.
Thom and I took turns holding the tree and crawling around. Not at the same time. One would hold the tree while one crawled around...but you knew that. Anyway, we finally got it reseated in the stand and screwed down nice and tight. This tree has a rather beefy trunk. Not like last year's whisp of a tree with a trunk the size of my pinky finger. So readjusting this one was pretty easy. I locked the cat downstairs while I was at work and a good thing too, cuz later today Sarah saw him head under the branches and make a dash up the trunk. She fished him out and we haven't seen him try it again. But I think he'll spend the month of Dec. in the family room so while we are away the cat can't play. This tree is a 6 foot grand fir and it smells lovely.
PS you should be appropriately impressed that this is day 8 and I'm still blogging. Just saying.


pammc said...

I am impressed that you are still at it on day 8. This is a lovely tree and it looks like quite a few decorations are on it already.
You've reminded me of another tale of Christmas.

madelineas said...

Your tree is gorgeous. Glad you got it 'straightened' out. If you ever find that red thing for animals let me know..

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