Friday, December 12, 2008

Lights! No Camera! Some Action!

Day 12

There are now lights on the house. Riddle me this Batman. Why is it, when you carefully unwind every string and plug them in for a test run, they all work; but when you spend two hours hanging them from the roof and turn them on, only some of them work? Why? It never fails.
So I headed to Walmart this morning with my list in hand. Many items to purchase and lights were one of those items. Do you think I could find lights? No Sir and or Ma'am. I could not. I walked up and down each aisle spending approximatley $2.49 for every minute in the store. I crossed many things of my Christmas list but lights was not one of them. I'll have to go back. Maybe if I just take a $5 bill in with me, I'll get out without having to remortgage my home.

In other news, I have made a very concerted effort over the course of this year to not use plastic or paper shopping bags. I have the nice canvas bags from Walmart. $1. each and they are made from recycled plastic bags. Two birds, one stone. I have many and if I forget to bring one in, I buy another one as my penance. I place them on the belt in front of my items and without fail I'm asked "would you like your food items in a plastic bag?" NO, thank you...."would you like your magazine in a plastic bag." NO, thank you...."would you like....." NO thank you. I feel like I might be channeling Joan Crawford from the wire hanger scene. Persistance paid in the end and I came home completely plasticLESS


pammc said...

Jennie, I'm with you on the recycled bags thing. If I so much as look at the candy rack behind me, I end up with something wrapped in a plastic bag and carefully placed in my cloth/plastic recycled bag that I brought in with me.

Laura said...

I'm the same way on my canvas/knitted bags - and they really don't seem to like it that all my veggies go straight into the knitted bag. I lay it all out so it's open to everything, all you have to do it pick it up, weigh it, and put it right back in the same spot. It's not hard peeps.

Hope you find some lights!

madelineas said...

Hope you found some lights Jennie. I had the same thing happen to me--TWICE--same set of lights ARGHH!

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