Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Decking The Halls

Day 2
I came home from work today and got busy. I have a small furnace room that is very much like Fibber McGee's closet . Be careful what you touch in there. Somehow, and without mass destruction, I was able to wrestle my Christmas decorations out of that hell hole the other day. They sat neatly stacked until I had enough strength to deal with them. I began by piling all my everyday tchatzkies on top of my table. Then a massive dusting. Now comes the best part. The mindless puttering of putting it here, moving it there, back to here..Perfecto. All my Santas go on top of the entertainment center. All the snowmen on the hall ledge. That's as far as I got. I still have my nativities and other misc. and then the tree. The tree comes last. Dry climate prohibits early assembly of live trees. Maybe by the weekend. We'll see, cuz Thom's ironclad wallet also has tendency to prohibit purchase of live tree. Now I should add the warm and fuzzy part of this activity. All the memories that waft out of the box and swirl around as I place the items. Each has a story...who gave it, or made it and when. Love that part the best.

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madelineas said...

Jennie I love the warm fuzzy part of that too. Love all the memories that come to mind

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