Saturday, October 07, 2006

Digi Dare #6

Digi Dare #6 THEME: We all have those moments... the moments where something just clicks and all of a sudden your eyes are wide open. The dare this week is to scrap one of those moments. Maybe it was the second you fell in love, or the time you looked into your newborns eyes, or heck, the second you realized you were a kick-butt digi scrapper! Whatever your moment is, please share it with us.

CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Include a photo either from your moment or that represents your moment as well as the word "moment" somewhere on your page.


15 Points for scrapping your perfect moment
10 points if you include a photo either from your moment or that represents your moment.
5 points for using the word moment in your title or journaling.

Kit used is DigiChicks lynnridge

Journaling reads:

My AHA Moment: I grew up in the land of “MaybeLater”. We would vacation on the isle of “We’llSee”. As I child I didn’t know that there was any other way. A request was answered with either maybe later or we’ll see. I don’t recall ever hearing “OK, let’s do it.” When I got older I began to realize how frustrating maybe later and we’ll see were to hear. I hated asking for something because I knew what the answer would be. I vowed that as a parent I would not use those two phrases in such a knee jerk way. But, like all of us, I could see shadows of my parents in my own parenting style. Now and then one of the dreaded two would pass my lips. My Aha Moment came at the tender age of 32. Can you spell l-a-t-e b-l-o-o-m-e-r? I was barely pregnant with my 5th child. I wanted to take a trip to see my parents over spring break. My husband couldn’t get time off to join us. The 16 hour drive was slightly daunting to me with four children and my present condition. But I really wanted to go. I casually mentioned the trip to my friend Ruth. She said that she and her daughter would love to come with us, if we’d have them. I stopped dead in my tracks. Wait….you can just do that? You can decide to do something and just DO IT? This was all so new and strange to me. I called my mom to tell her that we were planning to come. She said something like “That’s a nice idea. Let me know if it works out.” I assured her that we were coming. She continued with “if you’re able.” We went back and forth. She couldn’t wrap her brain around the fact that I was really going to do it. At that moment I realized that my life is in my hands. I can choose to do something or not. But I can choose. I don’t have to wait for permission. I can just reach out and grab it. This lesson has been instrumental in starting my own biannual scrapbook camp and helping my husband open our own business; two things I would have never considered possible before.

Dare #6 points:
total = 30


madelineas said...

Jennie this is so cool. I love the journaling and the kit you used is great..

MC Mojo ;-) said...

Jennie, this is so freakin' cool.

I love that when I look at a LO of yours, I get a look at the woman I call "friend".

Bless you for your art.

Kate (aka whatkatiedid) said...

The journaling here is just stunning. A beautiful beautiful job :)

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