Friday, September 08, 2006

Digi Dares

I opened my private messages this morning and found one from Anne Marie. "Have your seen this site?" she wrote.
"I saw it and immediately thought of you." wrote Anne Marie. Well, after I stopped laughing, (come on, that someone would immediately think of me in relation to just about anything makes me laugh) I opened the link and then I jumped in feet first. I didn't dare look at any of the other lay outs, cuz if I had, I would have crawled under my bed and never come out. So the first dare is to create a layout with a summer theme, using a sun motif in some way and incorporating the word FIRST into the title or journaling. I used SOTB kit Sunshinny Day and the Australian Sunrise font. Am I literal or what? I have to say that the timing is perfect because Laura's challenges are over for the summer. I was starting to have withdrawal. This will keep me busy for a while. Here's my layout.

There are 15 points available for a “summer” theme
A further 15 points available for using a sun shape
And as it’s our first ever challenge there are 10 bonus points available for including the word “first” in your journaling or title!

total points for Challenge #1 = 40


madelineas said...

Jennie, looks good to me, great idea.

Kim said...

Looks good. Did AM really say "seend"?

MC Mojo ;-) said...

Cool LO! I like that you are in my neck of the woods now!

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