Monday, September 25, 2006

Digi Dare #4

THEME: This week we are going to challenge you with "negatives and positives". We all have things in our lives that we aren't necessarily happy with...whether it be something about yourself or about your life. So I challenge you to find your "negative" and then turn it into a "positive" in a layout.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: Include honest journaling about why this item/thing/trait is generally viewed as negative and how you turned it into a positive.

POINTS:15 points for the "negative & positive" theme.10 points for the journaling challenge.5 points for including photos which represent your negative/positive.

When we first moved to Missoula, I referred to this hill as the Hill From Hell. It tormented me daily.We lived at the top and at that time the only way up or down, for me, was by car. I could no sooner walk up that hill then run a marathon. I was so out of shape and heavy then. When my son was 3, he started preschool, at the bottom of that blasted hill. I drove him every day. One day, I’d just had enough. I decided to walk with him to school. I figured that once I got down the hill, I’d have no choice but to come back up again. We made it down just fine. Then I headed back up. Right away, my lungs were burning, my legs were quivering and my heart was pounding. It took me a long time to get home that day. When I finally made it, I had to lie down until my heartrate returned to normal. It was just fit to burst right out of my chest.
That day, the Hill from Hell, kicked my butt. I didn’t give in. I kept on walking. EVERYDAY.
Now, I kick that hill’s butt EVERYTIME!!

Dare #4 points: Neg/Pos challenge = 15
Journaling = 10
Photos = 5
Total points = 30

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Great idea the way you did this...

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