Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Digi Dare #2

Answering the call to create a layout based on these two criteria:

THEME: This weeks theme is "How you touched my life". The idea for this dare is to create a page to remember a relationship that you have or had with someone who touched or changed your life in some way.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: The creative challenge is to use song lyrics in the title or in your journaling somewhere.

This lay out focuses on my grandmother and the effect she had on my life. The song lyrics are from a Faith Hill song called "There You'll Be". The song was played on the radio for the first time shortly after my grandmother passed away. I had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn't see to drive, for all the tears. The song touched me so deeply. My grandmother loved me unconditionally. I can not remember her ever being angry with me or speaking harshly to me; not in my whole life. Anything I did was the most wonderful thing to her. I could have robbed the US mint and she would have bragged at how well I did it. Every child should have one person in their life who makes them feel like they can do no wrong. She was that person to me. She was not perfect, by any stretch, but she always made me feel so special and those feelings will stay with me forever.

Digital kit used is Digi Chick Lynnridge

15 points for using the theme as it's lined out.
15 points for the creative challenge
Total points for Challenge 2 = 30


pamMc said...

Jennie, that is so beautiful and how lucky you are to have had a Grandma like that. You have made her proud with the lovely tribute.

madelineas said...

Jennie, this is so touching, grandma would be proud of you. And yup "you are the bestest girlie."

Kim said...

Jennie, what an incredible, awesome LO! Love your use of the song lyrics and love the overall design. What a wonderful way to capture a memory of Grandma Nell.

Tania said...

Jennie you have so nailed this digi thing. Well done... brilliant LO

Tania said...

Jennie you have so nailed this digi thing. Well done... brilliant LO

MC Mojo ;-) said...

Beautiful tribute, Jennie girl.

Laura said...

Absolutely love this Jennie! Great tribute to Grandma

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