Monday, October 23, 2006

Digi Dare #8

THEME: This week is all about an amazing gift we call friendship. Think about that person (or even pet) that you couldn't live without. It could even be someone else's relationship that you admire. Maybe one of your children's relationships. Whatever is may be, think about the strong bonds that surround you.

CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Have your main photo in the shape of a circle, and use a quote that best fits the theme of your layout.

15 Points for scrapping within the theme
10 Points for using a circle photo
5 Points for using a friendship quote

These are my cropping cronies. We have so much fun together. We just returned from a weekend at the lake. I can call on these women for anything. One of them went dumpster diving with me to retrieve my daughter's retainer after she threw it away at lunchtime at school. One has taught me the essence of faith and courage as she helped her husband through an organ transplant. One is a single mom raising an adopted daughter. She is the most generous person I know. One is a teacher to special needs kids. She has taught me patience when I thought I had none left. We laugh, we cry, we play and scrap. We are true friends; life friends.

Poem reads:

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble
My mojos lost and I'm a big old puddle
Sisters of scrapping, join in my plea
find the muse who has abandoned me
Gather thy tools of scrapping fame
cutters, scissors, whatever their name
Bring back the joy, return the glee
Send my mojo back to me.

Kit used is Shabby Princess Holiday Sampler Halloween Piece of Cake
Poem written by Jennie Pak

Dare #8 Points
15 Points for scrapping within the theme
10 Points for using a circle photo5 Points for using a friendship quote
total = 25 points


MC Mojo ;-) said...

Great LO, Jennie and I love the poem that goes with it!

Tania said...

always loved this photo, and you've created a great LO around it!

madelineas said...

jennie, you are rockin these challenges girl..I really need to start up again. Love the LO

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