Monday, November 26, 2007


There are times in life when you just feel that enough is enough and why do I bother anyway. There is also the fleeting thought "can I run away and hide". Then you hear about something like
this and you are reminded of just how full and blessed your life is. Blessed with all the crap and hassle and headache, because if you didn't have it, you'd have not much of anything and you better be glad for it. So, while this was not the warm and fuzzy Thanksgiving that dreams are made of, it was one of health and a smattering of togetherness and baby belly laughs. This photo represents the only 20 minute window that my entire family has been together in over a year. The camera was set up and the timer was ticking away when they pulled in the driveway. This was a pitstop on the way to David's mom's house and it was now or never. Now is always better than never. It doesn't matter that everyone's hair was all over the place and the baby had a stinky diaper, though Chloe might disagree. It doesn't matter that some people weren't talking to other people. Sit as far away from each other as you can but stay in the frame and smile, damn it. None of that matters. It only matters that we had the opportunity. To deny that opportunity is to dance with fate and I don't have any rhythm.


Lisa said...

And thank God one of you (YOU) has the sense and good grace to know what matters. They will all come to their senses some day with regards to what matters. Who knows, it may even be that this particular photo, this one moment captured will be the catalyst for their change. And who will they have to thank for it? You of course and no other. That will teach them to dance with fate.

pammc said...

I love what you wrote here, Jennie. You are a very special mother to this brood. You have a very handsome family who each have their own special personalities that shine through in this photo. To culture that in the context of a family takes a special person and that person is you. My hat is off to you.
Love, love, love the look exchanged by Dani and Chloe in this photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You said it. Everything. And you were spot on. One day, they will all know how lucky they are to have you. And if they're really lucky, they'll truly see and a bit of you will go with them. Until then, we'll keep you all to ourselves. ;-)

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