Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Flippin' List...aka Allison's Christmas Wish List

1. That cute Sausage Baby.
2. "Harsher punishment for parole violators.Stan. And world peace."

sent by email. #2 refers to a movie quote. Can anyone name that movie?


Laura said...

Kaylin says the answer is Miss Congeniality.

And LOL - love your list Allison...but you forgot an Ax. *duh* ;-)

Lisa said...

I agree with Kaylin - Didn't Miss Gracie Lou say that? LOL And I'm loving that there is such a thing as a juggling store!

Kim said...

That Allison. :-) She just makes me smile. What's the deal with the Dr. Scholls? You working that girl so hard her feet need help?

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