Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'll never be caught up

I don't subscribe to the theory that I'm behind in my scrapping. I mean technically I am. I have boxes and boxes of photos not scrapped. But I also have albums and albums of photos and stories that I have scrapped. And since I'll probably take photos the day before I die, if not in the ambulance on the way to dying, I'll never be caught up, Right? So I've had this little gem of a photo sitting on my hard drive for almost a year. This event was not planned or prepared for and was so out of the blue as to be surreal. Sarah called from the University and said "guess what I'm doing?" I had no clue so she said "I'm in the costume shop altering Dierks Bentley's pants". Picking my jaw up off the floor..."How did that happen?" So she tells how friend Kenny (see pic) hired her to help him with this project of altering Dierks' wardrobe for the concert. The price tag on the Dolce and Gabbana pants was $1,000. Sarah had to take them apart and put them back together again and was sweating bullets the whole time. But she did a fabulous job and Dierks was very impressed because he couldn't even tell where she had done the work. He sat in the costume shop and chatted with her while she worked and then invited her to watch the concert from the wings. She was flying high and on cloud nine for days afterward. I asked if she got an autograph and was quickly informed that that sort of thing isn't done in professional circles. What do I know? Anyway, the digi layout here is inspired by the cover shot of the Nov. 2006 CK magazine. I made the digi template using that layout as a scraplift. The kit is by Eva Kipler at Digital Freebies. It is called Vanilla Chai. Love the colors in the kit and how they worked with this photo.


Laura said...

That video was so cool! And I have to say, as a fellow trumpet player, if I had been put in the front row, I'd have been terrified! We were always back row, or second to back cuz the percussion was the back back, but for real, I'd have picked another instrument! lol So go Alex! And, I so remember that song! Even played it a few years ago when Kay was cheerleading, so that the girls could do their little cheer to it. I'm so impressed by this band and how good they sound!

Kim said...

Love both videos - we never got the opportunity to be with Harlan during any of his concerts. We had to sit down in the audience. Just once, it would have been cool to be right there. And GO ALEX! They sound GREAT!

Lisa said...

I must be missing something here cuz I thought this was a post about Sarah and Dierks Bentley's pants. LOL Hold on, now I have to backtrack and see what the heck Laura and Kim are talking about.

Ahh - how cool is that! Talk about a surround-sound concert. I love that the parents are right there in the thick of things. Alex is great on that horn!

So back to Sarah and Dierks. Cool layout - love the colors on this one and Sarah is positively beaming! Did she get to see him in his underwear while she was altering his pants? :P

Jennie said...


The first three comments were not made by women high on crack. At the time of this posting I had a video clip of Alex's band concert inserted directly above this post. It has been moved to the bottome of the page and may be deleted entirely in the future.

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