Sunday, November 04, 2007

Field of Screams

Ah to be 11 again. Such a great age. Old enough to do stuff like this and young enough to still be scared out of your drawers. This layout is from our trip to the Field of Screams. They ask you, at the entrance, "how scared would you like to be on a scale of 1-3?" The boys yelled 12. I requested 2. We approached the entrance and what did my big brave escorts do? They shoved me to the front and hid behind me the whole way. So what did I do? I proceeded to yell "Pansies, coming through!" all the way through the corn maze. I made the chainsaw maniac snort. I hate to say it, but there is nothing remotely scary about a snorting chainsaw maniac.


Pam said...

Jennie, thanks for the chuckle about the chainsaw maniac.

Lisa said...

You are a crack-up! LOL

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