Friday, October 26, 2007

Would you like fries with your cake?

Here's Alex's birthday cake. The burger layer is actually brownie. Disregard the messy crumbs on the edge. Those are gone now. Sarah had this same cake at about the same age, maybe a year or two older. It's pretty popular and easy to make. Those are real sesame seeds on top and the "condiments" are starburst and gumdrops, rolled thin and shaped to resemble lettuce, onion, pickle and cheese. Can you say SUGAR HIGH?


Kim said...

That is the cutest, most creative cake I've ever seen! He's a lucky kid, that's all I can say.

Laura said...

THAT is amazing. I've never seen anything like it - you rock Momma! Happy Birthday Alex!

Pam said...

Jennie, you rawk as a mama. That is a clever cake and perfect for an 11 year old boy.

Amy said...

This cake is flipping amazing. You have to come to AZ and make one for my birthday! LOL

Lisa said...

I seriously need you to fly to New Jersey next October and make that cake for Jimmy's next birthday. That is the most amazing cake ever!

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