Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Guy

Alex, age 10. Basketball player, skateboarder, juggler, unicycler, novice trumpet player, teller of sappy jokes, lover of pandas. This year (4th grade) has been a year of huge growth for him. He has decided that one can be a jock and a scholar. He has really taken to reading and enjoying it. He has decided that its best to get the homework done right away and have the rest of the evening to "hang with his friends" cuz in 4th grade you don't play anymore; you hang. He is often the voice of reason on the sibling front. He and his dad are buds. They fish and taget shoot (BB gun) together. That is precious time. Other changes this year are a sudden interest in grooming. Caring if the hair has been washed more than once in a week. When did that start? He's nearly as tall as me and we wear the same shoe size. He's all arms and legs anymore. This is a fun age. Still able to be a little kid but than remembering to be more grown up and cool. Next year (5th grade) will be the last year of elementary school; for both of us. I've had a kid in elementary school for 17 years. How do I make that change? Well, I don't have to think about it right now. We still have 5th grade to get through. But the wind is changing. Am I ready?


madelineas said...

Love that picture of Alex. Don't they grow up fast. He is a special little buddy for you..

Laura said...

I just commented on the board about this. And I not ready for him to not be in Elementary school - how on earth can you be? lol But ya know, you can see on his face what a good kid he is. Love that Jennie, you've done good.

Kim said...

Don't blink, because it will flash by and you won't even realize until he's in middle school. Savor it. Enjoy it. Then enjoy his middle school years. I've come to the conclusion that EVERY age is the best age.

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