Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I love belated birthday gifts

I received a lovely album in the mail today. My sister, Ellen, scrapbooks from time to time
and she's been hounding me for photos for a couple months now. I couldn't figure out what
she was doing. Then this showed up. She used original photos. She didn't crop or enlarge anything.
I love the white border on these old prints and the tiny date stamps on the edges. The theme and
layout of this album reminds me of the little books about mothers or friends or life in general. Do you know the ones I'm talking about. One is called "The Blue Day Book" and we have one with a panda on the cover called "A Black Eye Is Not Always A Bad Thing". There little life lesson books. Thats what this reminds me of. I laughed outloud, I cried a bit and I just have a warm, buzzy feeling all over. Thanks Ellen. You made my day. And I love the way the slant of time makes childhood all rosy and glowy. But if I remember correctly, you were a major pain in my butt. But I love you anyway, and I'm the only one who's allowed to pick on you.


Laura said...

OMG, does she realize what a precious precious gift that is? I'm bawling and it's for you. lol How totally and terribly sweet is that! So glad you made it so that I can see it too...thanks girlfriend!

gerry said...

This is really great...and seems like you had a wonderful time as well...thanks for sharing these with us...and well on this note i'd also lie you to visit my blog on Mothers Day sometime and share some of th joy it's filled up with!!!

Kim said...

Wow - GREAT gift, a heart gift which is the best kind. I can see why you cried.

pammc said...

What a treasure - both your sister and this gift. Love it.

Becky said...

What a fantastic gift this is!!

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