Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2 months

This layout is darling Dani at two months. By this posting she's closing in on three months. How, may I ask, is it possible that she is only three months old? It seems that she's been with us forever. On the other hand, how is it possible that she's already three months old? Such a time warp.
She is fat and happy and healthy. She's over 12 pounds and 25+inches long. What a little pork chop. Allison calls her the sausage baby. She's called her that from the first day. She is a sausage baby, but we don't want her to get a complex.
In a few short months she and Katie will be moving back home. They'll get an apartment and wait out David's deployment here instead of being stuck somewhere all alone. A hard situation for them but better then the alternative. We can hardly stand ourselves for the excitement of having them here. It could happen as early as July, but certainly by the end of summer, if all goes as expected. Poor David. I feel bad for him, as he is head over heels for those two girls and will be very lonely while away. We'll just have to take lots of photos and video and make sure to keep him up to date on all the new little goings on.
Digi kit is Shabby Princess "Vintage Flowers"

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madelineas said...

The time does go fast Jennie, she will be walking before you know it. Where is David going to?? Please tell Katie to enjoy Maine this summer, it is the best place I know to spend the summer months, how I wish I could be there for a little while..

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