Thursday, April 12, 2007

Answering Kim's blog challenge

Easter. Ah, the flowers are blooming, the bunnies are hatching and sad little children all across the globe are being dressed in Easter finery that is itchy, tight, stiff and sometimes, downright ugly. Case in point. This is poor poor pitiful me circa 1976. Notice my very first pair of real grown up panty hose. No one told me they would be slippery and slidy and practically fall off everytime I stood up. These were the days prelycra were the hose would stretch and bag and hang off your legs like elephant skin. They also made it very hard to keep your shiny white Easter shoes on your feet. Move on you'll notice my baby blue knit skirt and sweater set. So very stylish. Monochromatic colors are supposed to be flattering, yes? And shall we talk hats for just a moment? The Queen Mum had nothing on me that year. This hat was the rival to all hats. I look a little Sally Field aka The Flying Nun in this thing. And its covering my ever so stylish Dorothy Hamell hairdo. That is a crime if ever there was one. Add to that my wire rimmed granny glasses and you have a fashion plate to beat all.
One last observation before I sign off. Note the plastic Easter basket. Tiny little thing isn't it? Hardly big enough to hold a chocolate bunny. Shameful.


Laura said...

OMG, I'm laughing with you I swear and not at you. Well okay, at you too but only cuz I know you'd be okay with it. And wheres the damn bunny, I bet you ate him ears first didn't you?

Becky said...

Oh this is aweseome! I love that picture - probably because I can relate. The hose comment cracked me up. I totally remember hose like that!

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