Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day USA

This 4th of July has got my head all scrambled up.So grateful for our freedoms. So very humbled bythose who make that freedom possible. So tired and readyfor our young men and women to come home. So scared forthe ones who are waiting in the wings to head into that terrible fight. My son-in-law, David is in this group of young people who are currently packing their duffel bags and saying goodbye to their families. On July 11th he'll head off to Afghanastan for 3 months, then he'll be in Germany for 3 months. During that time my daughter, Katie will complete her second pregnancy, care for their little daughter Dani and deliver their 2nd baby while all alone. David may be able to watch the delivery by webcam, which is small comfort, but better than nothing. I try not to think of 'what ifs' but honestly, I've never sent a child off to a war zone before. And David might not like to hear it, but he's as much my child as any of the others, and I'm having a very hard time with this. I've stuffed him as full of egg rolls as is humanly possible, packed his care package and hugged the stuffing out of him. I think he was very glad to finally get away from me. LOL. If you have a prayer to spare, just remember those kids who are still fighting for our freedom. And make a special request that the powers that be can finally pull their heads out of 'you-know-where' and bring those kids home once and for all.

Hurry Home David!!!


pammc said...

Jennie, I can only imagine I you must feel. Luckily, I have not had to send a child or "in-law" child off to a battle zone. It would probably tear me apart. Comforting words, huh?! But I kissed a spouse good-bye as he headed to VietNam as a corpsman attached to a Marine infantry unit in 1968 when the Tet offensive started. I think in a way it was easier as I was young and pretty naive and all my friends' husbands were leaving, too. I'll be keeping you and Katie and Dave in my prayers. [[hugs]]

madelineas said...

Now you have me in tears. I will hold David so close in my heart and keep him in my prayers for a speedy and safe return home to you and Katie. This has to be so hard for all of you.

Kim said...

You all are in my prayers and I'm sending you a {{{Hug}}}.

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