Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daly Days

Today was Daly Day at the Daly Mansion. I played Lizzie the Nanny and was stationed in the nursery for the day. This was my first ever reenacting gig. I used to act in high school and college, but that was with scripts and blocking. This is completely different and so much fun. People came through the house on self guided tours and we (reenactors) would strike up conversations, answer questions and act as informal "experts". We also interacted with each other and gossiped, visited and I had to chase two rowdy boys through the house on more than one occasion. They would scurry past the nursery and I'd drop my knitting and scamper after them, down the hall, down the servants staircase, out the door and across the lawn. Several of the servants got "talking tos" from Mrs. Daly and more than one guest was found in the room of someone that they oughten have been visiting.
What a wonderfully fun day. I will definately be doing this again. You can see more photos in my flickr badge on the right.

Ravalli Republic

Daly Mansion


madelineas said...

Jennie you really need to scrap this. You look so good. Glad you got some pictures and had such a fun day. You want to be a nanny for Madi and Ryan?? :)

Kim said...

Jennie, you looked so REAL! I agree with Mad - you need to scrap this. I can just imagine what a blast it was to be involved.

Brandy said...

Oh wow!! That is AWESOME!! They have something similar in MA that my dh went to when he was younger. He said it was really fun.

Elizabeth said...

That sounds so cool!! I bet you did a perfect job too.

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