Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Visit with the babies

They are here at last. They'll be here for about 10 days. The living room is cluttered with toys and diaper bags. We've had a sleep over already and have two more planned. There is a belated 2nd birthday party on Saturday and the great grandparents are coming. The rest of the relatives live here in town and all will be together for Dora the Explorer cake and ice cream. We cram a lot of fun into a small space of time. But we are so lucky to be able to get together several times a year for a visit. More pics and fun to follow. It's busy here and I have to do things in snatches for now.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you get to visit with the babies. I remember how happy you were when the last one was born. Seems like almost yesterday. Enjoy your time. :)

pammc said...

Glad you're having a blast1 They are adorable - Ricky has a smile to light up a room!

Kim said...

Smiling for you - I know you are loving every minute.

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