Friday, January 02, 2009

Snuggly, huggly babies

This is as good as it gets. We had a safe trip there and back and I got to snuggle these two til they wouldn't let me snuggle them any more. There is no store bought gift that can replace this time together. Seeing them, hearing them, squeezing them and even clean up after them. This was a most Merry Post Christmas. Dani is a chunk. She's as solid as a rock and busier than the busiest bee. She loves to sit on your lap at the computer and look at photos of herself. She likes to push her baby doll around in the stroller or carry her by the leg. Note to self: work on those parenting skills. She doesn't always like to take a nap or go to bed and will amuse herself in her room for "hours" before finally falling asleep. She loves to hold her baby brother but will suddenly push him away when she's done. She's feisty and funny and a joy to behold.
Richard is just perfectly perfect. He sleeps and eats and is so relaxed and calm. He looks around with a quizzical expression but rarely cries or fusses. He's gaining and growing and doing everything he's supposed to be doing at the ripe old age of two weeks. I could just hold him for hours and hours.
I miss them already but they are planning to come out the end of Feb., so I'll hold that thought. In the mean time I need to finish Dani's second year book and start on Ricky's first. I think of the several hundred photos I took, I should find a "few" to work with.


Heather said...

What adorably precious babies!!

Elizabeth said...

How sweet! I'm glad you all had a safe trip!

glitzen said...

What beauties! Wonderful scrapping material, for sure.
Have fun! I need to scrap. LOL.

madelineas said...

They are both adorable Jennie. I know what you mean about snuggling with them, ain't no better feeling on earth

The Empty Envelope said...

How beautiful and sweet!!!!

Kim said...

Jennie, I'm so glad you were able to make it to see them and snuggle them. Are you SURE you got enough photos? ;-)

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