Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There was a family who lost their son, who they loved so much. One day, a little dog came into their lives. He came quickly and a little timidly. But he soon was bounding around the house and curling up next to his people and sleeping in their beds. Every day he led the lady outside to walk in the park. Without him, she might have stayed inside all day, never seeing the sky and stars and the seasons change. He made her laugh and he loved her back to life. He opened the man's heart and that was a hard thing to do. The little dog stayed just a short while. Then he got sick and had to leave this life. He ran quickly to the boy and they now play together and the little dog curls up next to him to sleep. He told the boy that his family is ok and they'll come to be with him when its time. The family miss the boy and the little dog but there is a special comfort in knowing they are together.

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Kim toomuchstuff said...

((((((((((Jennie)))))))))) Beautiful post.

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