Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The countdown has begun

Here's the route courtesy of Map Quest. I'm so stinking excited I can't stand myself. No one else can stand me either. It's a constant barrage of "have I told you about my trip?" and the rolling glassy eyed stare of people who have heard it all ad nauseam. So, I'll say no more. But here's the route, in case you didn't know


Laura said...

Are all the red dots stops??? Geesh, you're gonna be flying all day! But you'll end up in FL, and how cool is that?!?!

So happy you're getting to get out and go be with your family during this fun and happy time.

Kim said...

Are you going somewhere? Tee hee. Have a WONDERFUL time, and take lots of pictures. We want to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes - just think. Once the trip is over, you'll have plenty of glassy-eyed stares to look forward to when you say, "Have I told you how my trip went?" heehee. Don't worry - we'll want to hear every detail! Have a fantastic time and travel safe.

madelineas said...

Well it took a while to load but I got it. Was that your first time in the Atlanta airport? WHat did you think? You do have a few stops but I am thinking you went small plane, big plane, small plane. I hope you are haveing a great time at the wedding. I am so happy you got to go.

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