Monday, August 06, 2007

Its a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Dani's in the house. Of course so are her parents, but Dani's in the house. What bright little spot of sunshine she is. She currently likes to pull hair, bite the eyeballs of her stuffed frog, slobber and drool, kick and squirm, and delight us all with her sweet baby antics.
The aunties and uncle are in mad competition for her attention and sometimes she becomes a bit overwhelmed by it all resulting in a brief thunderstorm of tears followed almost immediately by sunny smiles and coos. Such a funny monkey.
That's about all for today, but did I mention that Dani's in the house?


Laura said...

Love the eye-ball biting stage! She most certainly is the cutest baby ever....well...except when Mad's g-babies are around, and then there's ...well, she's super cute! :-)

madelineas said...

Jennie I have to say, we have the most gorgeous grand babies. Dani is such a little doll and I am so happy she is "in the house" Enjoy her

pam said...

Lucky, lucky you. She's so cute and happy.

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