Monday, June 04, 2007

Road Trips

We went to see Sarah on Sunday. We'd wanted to go to the Museum of the Rockies for quite some time and this was the time. Sarah is starting her second week with Shakespeare in the Parks and was running low on food. We had some stuff packed up to send to her and then decided that we should just deliver it personally. It was a good day in the end. There was a major bump before we even got out the door but that was all settled and we were able to proceed on our way.

So the museum is pretty cool. Lots of dinosaur and native american stuff to see but this summer they also have the King Tut exhibit and some orignal Picasos on display. We thoroughly enjoyed every inch of the museum and the Living History Farm next to it. This big guy out front is "Big Mike". Pretty impressive huh? More photos and details later.

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madelineas said...

Yes, Mike is pretty impressive. I thought about you all yesterday and am happy to see after the little bump things went well for you. Bet Alex enjoyed that museum...
Oh and your video is pretty cool too. Alex is reall getting tall. Is he taller than you yet :)

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